Creative Courant: Newletter #21

I hope you had a great week! My family and I have been navigating this transitional time as we slowly get into the groove of school.  Their pod school has begun in earnest affording them two afternoons out in nature, learning and exploring.  It’s heartening to see that their childlike enthusiasm has returned after months of making do and isolating. Our tutoring begins next week, so we will continue to adjust as we’ve been doing almost on a daily basis since March. So I guess you could say we’ve had a ‘soft opening’ when it comes to back-to-school. LOL

Back in May, if you would have mentioned the term ‘pod school’ to me I would have thought you were suggesting an Apple educational app. Now, that phrase is firmly in our vernacular.  As I helped my daughter design ‘Pod School 2020’ t-shirts for her cohort, it got me thinking about how we’ve all been required to cocoon in one way or another.  If you’re like me, you may even want a single pod for some peace and quiet. A ‘she-shed’ could provide an escape from the most triggering three words: “What’s for dinner?” An innocent enough question, but when it's asked at 8:30 gets to be a bit much.

This week we look at how we’re collectively forming our own pods...whether it’s college students living and studying together in a distinct group, re-imagining the office cube or finding your solace in a remote cabin. This concept may be with us for a while, so it’s useful to think about how we can best find our happy place and soak in serenity.

For those of you in the U.S., have a great holiday!  For the rest of you, have a wonderful, restful weekend.



  • A buzzword in our new normal- but what does it actually mean? This article explains what a social bubble or “pod” looks like in practice
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  • Could this new cube design be the answer to the WFH/busy office conundrum?

  • VRBO suggests some pods to rent that may just give you that getaway you needed

Things to Do Around the World

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