Creative Courant: Newsletter #25

This week has been a ‘noisy’ one with the buildup and aftermath of the first Presidential debate, not to mention the debate itself! My children, who are studying debate in their elementary debate club (virtually), were ready to watch as part of their homework.  About three minutes into the debate, noting the absence of Aristotle’s methods of persuasion, exited the room and entertained themselves with a show on Disney +. For me personally, it has been hard to not feel the deep division that exists in the U.S. I feel it in so many ways, even though I’m on a very strict social media diet.  

At the beginning of the pandemic, my children and I began watching some comedic movies with my children which helped add levity to the heavy days that were drenched in chilly spring rains. The Pink Panther became a favorite as did Steve Martin (who starred in the remakes) so we went through several of his movies including The Father of the Bride and The Father of the Bride 2. I hadn’t watched them in years and my kids begged to watch them again and again.

Last week, I read that Nancy Meyers had persuaded the entire cast to come together for The Father of the Bride 3 (ish), which she began writing a few months into lockdown. The cast filmed all virtually from their homes, which was a logistical feat unto itself. Writing the script became an antedtoe to the stress and worry and itbrought me back to being a writer,” she penned in a recent article in The New York Times

What I found so striking is how the entire cast was up for the project and for the collective mission of donating all the proceeds to the World Central Kitchen. Meyers explains, “It all felt a bit like those old films where everyone in town helps put on a show, except these were movie stars, and I could not have been more grateful for their efforts.”

Reading about their camaraderie in the midst of the deep division in our country made me wonder.  Yes there are chasms but why not seek out other great examples of camaraderie, especially in creativity?  What kind of impact and power does this have? Since the very basis of this weekly e-mail (this week is #25!) is the notion that what you focus on expands, my team and I sought out creative endeavors that highlight camaraderie.  Perhaps these examples will help ease the angst over divisions, if even slightly.  Perhaps you’ll be inspired to launch a community-building project yourself. Perhaps you’ll begin to see more examples around you.

So let’s end this noisy, anxious week with an upbeat focus on how we can work together and how creative endeavors can add a little light to these dim and anxious days.

Have a creatively inspired weekend!



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