Sunshine, beaches and vineyards on your sofa?! You bet!

Our lives are comprised of stories.  Stories of everday life, of extraordinary moments and of our loved ones.

Stories can be written, verbal or told through other means.  My goal of the Storied House is to puncutate your story with luxurious, bright and colorful patterns.

For this reason, I am beyond delighted to share that my upcoming collection, my Cape Town collection, is comprised of table linens, throw pillows, smartphone cases and even Apple watch bands so that you can have a unique piece of design in every part of your life.

Since I began The Storied House, I have been working on developing a social mission for the business. I believe we are all connected and know that my customers believe in contributing to the greater good. 

I’ve also heard from lots of you who want actual end-products to beautify their lives.

I spent several weeks in South Africa on my honeymoon and the rugged beauty, refined tastes and warm people have stayed with me all these years. The African sunsets, beaches, vineyards have all played in my imagination as I developed four distinct patterns.

Even better, a portion of the proceeds of this collection will benefit two amazing organistions, both of which are South African-based and are working hard to empower and educate the youth in South Africa for a brighter future. 

The 2nd Chance Trust  educates young people on the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse and empowers them with knowledge and skills to make healthy life choices.

KHULA Education enables children from deprived rural communities in South Africa to have the opportunity of a well-rounded education in order to improve their own lives and their communities.

I’ll be telling their stories more in depth soon, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at some of the products in my Cape Town collection.

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