My aim for the Storied House is to be much more than a purveyor of textiles.  I want to help you create and tell your own stories through inspired designs from my stories of travel and adventure.

Beyond that, I want to amplify  the stories of others we may not hear about in our everyday lives and help them write a new chapter for a brighter future.

The Second Chance Trust is focused on growing young South Africans with the skills and confidence to lead happy and productive lives. The Trust educates young people on the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse and empowers them with knowledge and skills to make healthy life choices. 

One of their many programs, Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) is a powerful and effective method of working with people struggling with psychological trauma, grief, low self-esteem and substance abuse. Simply put, this age-old therapy uses a combination of horses and therapy to enable participants to identify, process and change negative feelings, behaviours and patterns.

A second organization, KHULA Education, works to enable children from deprived (rural) communities in South Africa to have the opportunity of a well-rounded education in order to improve their own lives and those of their communities. 

‘KHULA’ is an isiZulu word meaning ‘to grow and increase’ as well as ‘to develop, mature and thrive’, and through its work with the rural schools of Umzinyathi, KHULA brings new opportunities to the children, opportunities which would otherwise have been unreachable, enabling them to grow and thrive with success.

Using the name KHULA EDUCATION the organization is bringing to their audience a deeper understanding of its mission and the reason it exists, while at the same time acknowledging the Zulu heritage of the communities it serves.


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