Chapter 3: The Inspiration of the Marquis de Lafayette.

The recent state visit of French president Emmanuel Macron is a reminder of how the Franco-American friendship began when our country was fighting for independence. A major proponent of this friendship goes back to the Marquis de Lafayette, known in American circles simply as "Lafayette". He was close friends with George Washington (even naming his son George Washington Lafayette), Hamilton (yes, THAT Hamilton), Franklin and Jefferson. He felt that the American Revolution reflected his beliefs.  In fact, when he learned of the principles behind the movement, he famously said, "My hears was dedicated."

And dedicated he was.

He defied his king to travel to the US to fight alongside the patriots, lead troops in famous battles and finance the efforts when needed. When he returned to France, he regularly hosted Jefferson, Franklin, John Jay, and John and Abigail Adams on Monday evenings to discuss and create trade treaties solidifying the friendship between the two nations.

Two of our collections are inspired by him-Lafayette and Marquis. The photo shown here is blue for Lafayette's aristocratic blood and for what the color represents; like the color of the sky blue represents constancy and loyalty.  If at first glance the seeming 'bromance' between the French and American leaders seemed puzzling, remember it transcends the current personalities-it is based on a long established friendship based on a shared philosophy and the betterment of human kind.

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