Creative Courant: Newsletter #14

Happy Friday!  How was your week?  Mine was a bit of a roller coaster. We are trying to navigate what to do about school in the autumn while juggling getting back to work after taking a week to decompress.

Despite how hairy things get, I continue to be heartened by the resilience I see in my community and beyond.  And at the core of the resilience there always seems to be deep creativity at work.  Whether it’s a couple in Singapore inventing a website to swap window views around the world, or a man creating face shields from a Krispy Kreme box, the human spirit is formidable and creative.  That’s my focus and I believe that whatever we focus on expands.

Hang in there, keep up the creativity and stay safe and well.

Have a great weekend.


  • Read more about the launch of the Circular Fashion Summit 2020, a “360-degree interactive virtual event” to promote sustainability in fashion with worldwide leaders

  • These companies build custom backyard sheds intended for home offices, self-described asLegos for adults
  • A Brazilian couples’ astronaut costumes, complete with face masks, encourage others to social distance
  • Need a face shield? Have a Krispy Kreme box?  Then you’re set!

Things to Do Around the World

  • Museums throughout the United States are seeking items including art or pieces of writing for future collections about major events from the year 2020
  • Iceland’s latest tourism campaign will play screams of frustration into its wilderness – click here to submit your own 
  • The Smithsonian launched 90+ virtual activities available from July-September, which the organization plans to continue post-pandemic due to their popularity
  • The Kahn Academy is offering a free virtual summer camp.  Remaining weeks include themes Animals and Nature and Arts and Crafts.
  • On July 18 the British band Bush is livestreaming a concert to promote their new album, The Kingdom. Fifty cents from every album sold during the livestream will be donated to voting registration nonprofit When We All Vote. The concert will stream on the band's website, and begins at 9 pm. ET

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