Creative Courant: Newsletter #16

Happy Friday!

It’s the last day in July - how are you faring?  I’ve noticed that the last several weeks I’ve felt very nostalgic and today even more so since today marks my father’s birthday, whom we lost three years ago.

I first noticed this deep-seated desire for simpler times as I dug deep into the archives of Disney+ and Netflix. I watched Jerry Lewis in Cinderfella with my kids and told them how their aunt and I would watch these movies on sick days from school.  All the Annette Funicello and Jerry Lewis flicks were staples on the local day time TV because they were old and seemingly inexpensive programming and we were well-versed in those genres!

As the days have worn on, the headlines continue to bleat scary news and COVID cases began to climb again in my region, I found myself retreating to Herbie the Love Bug, fixing grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and creating movie nights like my family had when I was young - popcorn, chocolate (but NOT on the sofa), and lots of snuggles.

I explained to my children that That Darn Cat was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theater and can remember falling asleep on my babysitter/god mother’s shoulder. When I was having a particularly overwhelming week, my friend who read all the same books I did when I was a child suggested breaking out the Betsy-Tacy series.  The well-worn and well-loved books are a welcome break from all the noise as I envision Betsy and her cohort growing up in Deep Valley, MN at the turn of the last century.

Watching older movies makes the times seem simpler at first glance, but viewing movies like Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner with Sidney Pointierier is startling when I see how similar the many racial issues broached in that wonderful 1967 are with what is currently happening in our world. There are many times where I’ve had to pause the show we’re watching and offer context to the kids: “When Mrs. Brady suggests Mr. Brady take TWO tranquilizers to calm his nerves, there are much better, healthier choices…” or when watching Herbie Rides Again and the secretary rubs the shoulders of her boss, the real estate tycoon, “kids, in no way is this EVER acceptable in the workplace…”

Still, sometimes I close my eyes and think back to those Saturday nights spent en famille eating popcorn and listening to my father chuckle to a punchline in Bob Newhart or Carol Burnett, and escape, just for a moment, the craziness of today.


In the theme of nostalgia, we have sourced some articles about it and how it is a coping mechanism, along with some suggested creative activities that may spark all the feels.


This week, let’s take just a backward glance in time so we can ensure we take some enlightened steps forward.  ONWARDS!

Have a great weekend,


  • A look at the idea of nostalgia and its place in stressful times throughout history
  • Bike sales and repairs are at record highs, reflecting a renewed desire to go for a ride
  • The general trend of increased cooking at home is clear when looking at the numbers of people watching the Food Network, which has begun filming socially distant versions of their hit shows “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and “Restaurant: Impossible” to meet this demand

  • With stores selling out of puzzles at unprecedented rates during the pandemic, these activities provide entertainment and psychological benefits
  • A reflection on why people have found comfort in tumultuous times throughout history by hand-making crafts
  • Some of fashion’s latest trends have a common throwback theme, with vintage items and new inspiration from favorites of other eras 



Things To Do Around the World

  • A city in Arizona turned their museum’s annual “Time Machine program” into a series of virtual activities that include throwback games like Oregon Trail and Galaxian, as well as crafts and activities related to the games.

  • Pinterest searches for “easy at-home recipes” reflect a resurgence in people making, not purchasing, their favorite meals. A new series from celebrity chefs can help you recreate your favorite comfort foods and other classics
  • Many people are rediscovering the art of letter writing and what a perfect time as so many people face isolation. Love for the Elderly coordinates letters written with love to be sent to those elderly who need some love the most.
  • Remember making homemade ice cream but don’t remember how? No worries! The Museum of Ice Cream is offering virtual ice cream making lessons this weekend!

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