Creative Courant: Newsletter #17

We’re continuing with themes for our weekly content and this week we’re focusing on wellbeing. Now more than ever, keeping our wits about us and ensuring we practice self care is critical to running this marathon COVID has put us on; one that seemingly has no mile markers.  Are we at the beginning? Middle? We just don’t know and so practicing staying in the present is really the only variable over which we have control.

It’s tricky to stay in an intentional mind-set when the pandemic seems to be serving us curve balls faster than a ball machine on the highest setting.  All we can do is practice our agile ‘footwork’, stay flexible and on our toes for the next shot, whether it’s a lob or a smashed overhead shot. Be ready but be relaxed.

I hope the content below provides some tips for caring for yourself and some ideas to stay above the fray of swirling chaos. Acknowledging that this is hard and digging deep to employ your resilience will see you through.

Have a great week and be well,



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