Creative Courant: Newsletter #18

Happy Friday! How were your last seven days?  For me the week brought a much-needed change of scenery as my family spent a few days out in the pristine countryside. Sitting amongst the deep green hills in the fresh air was an opportunity to take a breath and reset.

Uncertainty still reigns through much of the US as schools weigh how and if to re-open, with sports and other events potentially postponed. I open my analog calendar to write things down knowing full well that has a 90% chance of being erased.  This is a time that is calling on us to be flexible to a degree that can strain us.  Just as I do when I stretch my muscles, I pause and take a deep breath and resume the stretch.  Usually I find I can take it just a bit further.

We’re continuing our theme-based content and this week we’re exploring creativity in connection.  As we have found in these socially distant times, meeting our basic human need for connection is something that feeds us.  Sometimes a chat on the phone with a friend or family member is enough.  Other times, a life void of hugs from loved-ones can seem overwhelmingly lonely.

Finding new ways to connect with all the digital tools can be helpful.  But I’ve also found that there can be a loveliness to letter writing.  As a stationery aficionado, I’m more than happy to bring back this antiquated method of communication. The intention of words scrawled on paper is hard to match.

However you do so, I hope you make connection a priority both for your wellbeing and for the person/community with whom you connect.

Have a wonderful, connected week.


  • Organizations in several U.S. states are using robotic toy pets as a way for isolated seniors to stay connected to the in-person pet visits they might be used to.

  • A project by Joseph Gordon-Levitt hopes to connect artists through a collaborative platform that allows people from around the world to contribute to larger-scale creative projects
  • Another new platform, this one called “Ladder Teams”, is described as a “fitness-friendly Slack”, connecting users with others doing the same workouts through a virtual community
  • A New York couple is creating their own pop-up dinners in places most people wouldn’t expect to see them (and inspiring others online to come up with their own local equivalent!). 


Things to Do Around the World

  • These forms are ways to check in on neighbors to ensure they know you can help them if needed.
  • Working with a remote team (who isn’t?) Here are some tips to build social connections.
  • Remember the concept of pen pals?  Your kids can revive that tradition with their grandparents with this adorable pen pal kit.
  • Here are some tips on hosting a socially distant block party.
  • Click here for ways to watch movies with friends on various platforms 

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