Creative Courant: Newsletter #23

As I write this, the oppressive summer heat seems to have evaporated and the leaves outside my office window are just beginning to transform to gold. This year, especially, I’m grateful that I live in a place with four seasons because it is a visceral marking of the passage of time. After months of ‘sameness’ (and INsaneness!) turning the corner to the last stretch of 2020 provides...maybe the faintest shimmer of hope. Maybe it’s because we’re that much closer to a vaccine (I enjoyed this amazing op-ed by a woman who volunteered to be in a vaccine trial) or the fact that, although radically different, school has resumed.

Still, the news continues to be a cold reality check. Melbourne remains in lockdown, Israel has issued its second nationwide one, Ireland is putting into place new restrictions and surges are beginning to appear in other parts of Europe. In the US fires rage in the Pacific Northwest, hurricanes batter our southern coasts and public school kids in NYC just found out they won’t be in physical classrooms come Monday. A friend of mine based in Portland and who is an infectious disease doctor admits she’s hit a wall and wryly posted this meme:

I know that I have been so busy with the day-to-day in this unpredictable time that I haven’t carved out enough time for some active creativity-whatever that may entail. It’s been tricky to feel inspired to do so and it's for this reason that this week’s theme is creative inspiration. Whether it's from a podcast, Ted Talk, live workshop or drawing with your children, let’s remind ourselves that the creative process can relieve that stress and make some space for hope and new ideas. As Mo Willems says, the act of drawing with your kids is the “physicalized form of empathy.”

Have a great, creatively inspired weekend!



Things To do Around the World

  • Malcolm Gladwell joins Big Think Live to discuss this unique moment in time with Radiolab's Latif Nasser.
  • Childrens’ book author and artist Mo Willems hosts an hour of creativity, storytelling and creativity.
  • Watch the Smithsonian’s new video series featuring experts from across the institution—reframing how we think about art.

  • Mark your calendars and clear your Tuesday evenings for the next month or so, The New York City Ballet is presenting its fall season as four weeks of repertory performances.
  • Take a virtual workshop in brush lettering.

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