Creative Courant: Newsletter #29

Congrats on making it through another week!  I think it’s fair to say that the collective energy in the U.S. right now is tense. As we inch closer to the election, COVID cases are on the rise, more countries in Europe are returning to lockdown and a hurricane has just battered the Gulf Coast. All the more reason to take creative breaks during your day.

Even though I’m in a creative business, I still try to take breaks that allow me to wander into a different space creatively.  Treating creativity as a wellness practice has benefits proven benefits. A randomized trial that involved people undergoing HIV treatment showed that expressive writing helped participants to boost their immune system. A benefit we could all use as we head into the winter months during a pandemic.

I began to wonder last week how creativity has played a role in elections.  It led me on a fascinating trail of ballot design, creative problem solving for a human-centered voting experience and inspiring civic engagement.

I voted early this week and am happy to report the process was smooth. I can’t help but wonder what I will be writing this time next week!  Stay tuned and please exercise your right to vote!

Have a good weekend,



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