Creative Courant: Newsletter #30

Whew. How are you holding up this week?  

I decided not to send out a newsletter last week as it was saturated with noise.  The lines to vote, the ballot counts, the percentages trickling in, the nail biting, invoking an alternate reality, record numbers of COVID cases….I would describe last week as the crescendo of 2020 (let’s hope!)

If the last few weeks were the crescendo, then let’s make this week and next the decrescendo.  In the midst of The Great Pause, it’s time for a pause. Take a breath. Rest. Just sit for a while. Then, once you’ve done that, I challenge you to pause some more.  I know, I know, it’s counter to our concept of productivity. BUT, I would argue both with science-backed evidence and my own experience, that taking a pause is vital to your well-being and creativity.

We’ve been on a never-ending marathon, friends, so take a moment (or a thousand!) for the proverbial rehydration, stretch and rest.  There are so many different ways to do so, have a read below and see if any work for you.

Have a restful, quiet weekend,


  • For insight into the history of “the creative pause” and what it means in practice, click here
  • The psychology behind creativity and boredom
  • Suggestions of 10 different kinds of “pauses”, with interactive videos and activities to incorporate into your life


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