Creative Courant: Newsletter #31

Congrats on making it through another week! While there have been ebbs and flows of the restrictions the past nine months, we’ve just gone back into a much stricter phase as case numbers spike where we live. My son and I counted and Nov. 20 marks 257 days since we entered lockdown.  While taking in all the scary news about cases surging and exhausted healthcare workers, I found myself doing almost ALL the activities I sent you last week to serve as a distraction.  The highlight? A ballet class with live accompaniment with a teacher from the American Ballet Theater.

With a radically different Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought I would curate some articles that show how a gratitude practice actually enhances our wellbeing and our creativity.  The contrast is sharp this year - trying to be grateful during a holiday tainted by a pandemic may seem counterintuitive, but finding a way to give thanks will help brighten these very challenging days.

Be safe and Happy Thanksgiving!




Things to Do Around the World

  • An online exhibition from Amy Sherald called ‘Womanist is to Feminist as Purple is to Lavender’ 
  • Check out this review of Zanele Muholi’s latest exhibit at the Tate (and click here for a preview of more of their work and their inspirations)
  • Information for how to stream this year’s National Dog Show, anticipated to have 20 million virtual viewers this year

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