Creative Courant: Newsletter #35

What a week, but then again, it IS 2020.  It started out with the hopeful news of the first inoculation for COVID in the US.  On the flip side, we reached the grim milestone of 300,000 deaths in the US from the virus. We’ve prepared for late Christmas present deliveries as the distribution of vaccines takes priority, which has now been further complicated by more than a foot of snow on the East Coast. And still, we persist and find our resilience because we simply must.

Still, while there is quite a distance to travel to get to the end of the pandemic, there is a twinkling light of hope that we’re now at the beginning of the end of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The lead up to Christmas began in mid-November in our house.  My 11 year old caught me on the wave of relief with the results of the election and asked if we could put up our Christmas tree.  Because we usually have real trees, we purchased two artificial trees and have had them twinkling at us since November 12.  My office is decked out and all the candles and bright bobbles on the tree helps mitigate the long winter nights.

As I wrap up my work and tidy up the office to end (finally) 2020 I can’t believe that this is nearly my 40th newsletter!  When I began this endeavor, it felt like a way to help people delve into their creativity while in lockdown.  I could have never imagined that it would be more than a few e-mails pushed out to an interested few. And yet, thanks to a quickly assembled team of helpers, we’ve been able to bring things activities from London, art displays from Dublin and Tokyo and live ballet classes from New York.

And on that note, do we have some eye candy for you this week!  I’ve had the good fortune to be in cities like New York, San Francisco, London, Dublin and Paris during the holidays and the light and window displays make it impossible to not perk up, even in the depths of the December darkness.

My own neighborhood has gone to extraordinary lengths to have artistic and engaging window displays, which has drawn large, socially distanced crowds.  Sit back this week and tour the world’s best holiday light and window displayed from your sofa.  Drink in the festive spirit and hold on to the notion that the twinkling lights stand for better days yet to come.

Have a festive weekend,



  • Ten more photos from international holiday displays of years past
  • A new book centered around the art of holiday décor features families across the United States whose homes become local attractions due to their extravagant light displays
  • The Smithsonian Zoo’s innovative solution for its annual ZooLights exhibit- a ZooLights Express truck to bring the holiday lights throughout the city


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