Creative Courant: Newsletter #38

I don’t know about you but New Year’s Day seems like a lifetime ago! Work has been busy, the news has been nuts and the weather dull. Now with so many more people in strict lockdown from Toronto to Dublin and L.A. to Amsterdam, I’m hearing from friends and family who are now facing weeks at home. Many are back to homeschooling and several aren’t allowed to leave their homes except for groceries.

Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better and I get the sense this is exactly what’s happening now. I hope this provides just a bit of distraction and some ideas of how to creatively entertain yourself throughout the weekend.

Stay safe!



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  • A pandemic revival of ‘multiples’- affordable, larger-scale productions of artwork that aim to make fine art accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Italy’s pop-up vaccine sites were designed by architects inspired by the concept of “regeneration”


Things to Do Around the World

  • The oldest opera house in the world, the Teatro di San Carlo, has performances available virtually for the first time ever- Its latest performance, “Il Pirata” is available to stream throughout the month of February
  • The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam had significantly fewer visitors to its physical building in 2020 in decades, but millions of hits on their virtual museum “Rijksstudio”—check it out to see works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and more

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