Creative Courant: Newsletter #4

Happy Friday!  (It is Friday, right?).  My family and I have just completed our 7th week in lockdown and let’s just say this week has been a little interesting!  At the end of last week my husband and I both had terrible headaches.  I started to ache and felt absolutely flattened by fatigue.  My husband felt better after a day or two but my fatigue persisted as I started to cough.  A quick screening on my health portal and a video appointment with an ER doc later, and I was told to assume I have COVID.  No tests are available so we’ll never know, but if that is indeed the case, then it’s a mild version and I will be completely fine.  Still, it’s a reminder to stay home as much as possible and to mask up if you do have to go out for errands.

I hope you enjoy this weekly diversion with stories of how people are innovating and keeping their creative juices going during quarantine.

Have a great weekend!



Give Us a Twirl...

  •  For fashion designers, 3D modeling technology originally created in 2015 is now more relevant than ever. While these three-dimensional models have always had benefits like sustainability, they are essential now that runway shows and seeing clothing in person is difficult. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Diane von Furstenberg have committed to using digital design, and more will likely follow.

Bio..what? Biophilic Design Arrives in NYC Hospitals

  • Three NYC hospitals are helping their workers with their wellbeing by creating recharge rooms, spaces with natural design elements that help medical workers recover from a physically and mentally taxing shift.

Speaking of Nature...

  • Read  about the  benefits of nature for both mental and physical health. Research indicates that accessing even virtual natural places has a positive impact on mental health, so get that picture of a waterfall on your computer, STAT!


  • This story from the Baltimore Sun shows the ways that service dog visits have gone virtual during quarantine. Canine Assisted Therapy created “TeleDog” in order to allow therapy dogs and their owners to safely visit assisted living facilities from a distance or help a child learn to read through a video call. 

Mask Force UK

  • “Smile For Our NHS”, a British initiative, aims to sell masks designed to imitate famous figures in order to fundraise for the National Health Service. Masks by artist Ron Arad incorporate William Shakespeare’s face and Picasso artwork, among other designs. The goal of these masks is to “turn [face masks] from something impersonal and frightening into coverings that will make people smile.”

A WORLD OF CREATIVITY: Some activities you can do at home from around the globe.

  • Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi (Florence, Italy) HyperVisions offers an HD look at masterpieces from the collection
  • Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    A variety of online discovery activities from coloring, to Storyzoo, to Unravel  Van Gogh app and more
  • Through the Google Art Project’s “Street Art”, check out virtual tours of graffiti and murals from around the world. Featured tours take place in New York City, Buenos Aires, and Los Angeles. Under the “World Collection tab”, find street art tours and exhibitions on a world map, and watch behind the scenes process videos of the artists.
  • The Whitney Musuem of American Art offers regular lectures online: Register for “Me, Myself and I” on Tuesday, May 6 at 6PM ET. The lecture will explore how artists have used a range of media to reflect on, perform and expand our understanding of the self.
  • Check out the Disney Magic Moments video series, which features tutorials from Disney-Pixar artists on drawing, painting, and more. The latest videos focus on animal designs perfect for participating in the National Geographic Neighborhood Safari, which promotes teaching children about conservation through posting artwork throughout their neighborhoods.
  • The 2020 Greenwich International Film Festival will be hosted online for the first time this year. From May 1st-3rd, the GIFF will stream 29 films over a variety of topics, all under the theme “Knowledge is Power”. Pass-holders can stream the films from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, or cast the stream to a Smart TV. Click here for more information. 
  • The Frick Collection is concocting the perfect mix of cocktails and art. Every Friday at 5:00 p.m., join for happy hour as a Frick curator (remotely) offers insights on a work of art with a complementary cocktail. Bring your own beverage to this virtual event!

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