Creative Courant: Newsletter #40

My family and I have decamped to the mountains for a few weeks for a change of scenery and fresh mountain air.  The numerous outdoor activities feel ‘normal’ in a very abnormal time and is a wonderful respite.
I’m hoping the change of scenery will inspire me to finish my upcoming collection that I put on hold in 2020. In mid-January I began two art classes just to put a guardrail around some creative time and it has helped me immensely.  It’s all virtual so I just dial into the Art Studio NY and spend my lunch time collaging and painting.  I find it soothing and invigorating. Not a bad combo!

I read today that a survey in Ireland found people at their lonliest and most bored since the beginning of the pandemic. Strict lockdowns and uncertainty are taking their toll on everyone so if you know someone who would benefit from these regular e-mails please forward to them.

In the meantime we gathered extra activities and articles this week to provide a happy distraction.  Whether it’s fashion, the Sundance Film Festival, Mondrian or microscopic images of snowflakes we’ve provided some interesting articles and activities all around creativity and the arts.

Have a good weekend and enjoy!



  • The future of virtual fashion, the latest iteration of digital art that merges the latest tech with luxury design
  • Try the #VogueCouchCouture challenge to channel your creativity into a DIY recreation of your favorite looks from Paris Couture Week

Things to Do Around the World


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