Creative Courant: Newsletter #45

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I pen this today as a half-vaccinated person feeling very fortunate!  The vaccine roll out in my state has been discombobulated at best, so the first day I became eligible for the vaccine my husband and I drove six hours roundtrip to spend 30 minutes at a mass vaccination site in Kennett, MO. 

Although our day-to-day existence hasn’t changed radically, the ability to plan some things like family get-togethers in the future seems radical and exciting.  Being fully vaccinated means my husband can likely visit his family in Ireland after not being able to see them for two years. TWO YEARS.

As we slowly emerge from our cocoon I’m trying to be much more intentional about how I spend my time.  One area where I want to focus is how I can help my friends, many of whom happen to be Asian American. They have been nervous the last few years and now, a year into the pandemic after some leaders calling it the “China-Flu” or “King-Flu”, they are absolutely terrified. Tragically, this week’s shocking events in Atlanta validates their terror. Another friend forwarded me a link to a free training: Bystander Intervention to stop Asian/American and Xenophobic Harrassment. I feel like it will be a well-spent hour in learning how to protect my friends. If you’re interested you can register here.

Finally, the first day of spring arrives today with the vernal equinox! Without the cacophony of the ‘normal’ pace of life-pre pandemic, we’ve become much more attuned to the celebrations throughout the year. I’ve always loved the first day of spring but today we will really celebrate it. I don’t even remember the first day of spring in 2020-like so many things this time last year, the disruption of daily life and scrambling for hand sanitizer were valid preoccupations. This year feels like the first day of spring is the embodiment of optimism and hope. The days are longer, we’ll be able to spend more time in nature when the days become warmer and the vaccinations continue to be administered, which hopefully signals the beginning of the end of this pandemic.

Happy Spring and enjoy the weekend!



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