Creative Courant: Newsletter #9

As the world seems to continue to spin out of control, I have been trying to remain grounded through creativity and action.  How this looks for each of us will be different, but I wholeheartedly believe that both need a prominent place in our society now more than ever.  Creativity will fuel problem solving, a way of seeing things through a new lens and finding ways to contribute to our communities. Action will help our voices be heard and drive change.

When we began this newsletter two months ago (was it really only two months ago?), the goal was to provide a distraction as we lived our lives in lockdown. Now, distraction just doesn’t seem appropriate. As such, we want to reflect how our world is dramatically changing.  We will strive to demonstrate how creativity and action can be a force for change for the greater good.

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  • New contemporary art installations in La Guardia Airport in New York open this Saturday. The pieces commissioned by the Public Art Fund were created by four artists of the original twenty-five who created proposals. Click here for more photos of the installation, and to hear about the artists’ inspiration and processes.

  • A sculpture from almost 13,500 years ago was found in Lingjing, China recently. The sculpture was made of animal bone and designed to resemble a bird. This piece is important to art history researchers because of how preserved it is and its implications for further research into Chinese statues and art history of this period. Click here for more information on the techniques used to study the sculpture, and for images of the piece.
  • This article features 5 recent architectural and landscaping designs designed in light of the increased need for outdoor spaces. A neon pink, and orange outdoor park in Copenhagan has a bold, bright design, and the StoDistante installation in Vicchio, Italy, uses beautiful architectural elements to ensure visitors to the square can practice social distancing. 
  • Models from around the world contributed to British Vogue’s latest auction, with proceeds going to NHS Charities Together and the NAACP. The models photographed their own images for the auction, and chose pieces they loved wearing. The auction is currently live and will run until June 12 at 2pm BST, and the items and prints of the photographs are available here. For more information about the models and why they love these particular pieces, click here.

  • Click here for the story of two grandparents’ positivity during their quarantine, and their attitude toward a cancelled 90th birthday party. What started as an email from a grandmother to a journalist became a sweet illustrated poem that will brighten your day.
  • Check out this clip from an NPR podcast, which covers the backstory behind a viral image of a man’s backyard creation. Created by artist David North, this sculpture made of reclaimed wood is known as the “Gateway to the Imagination”. This magical piece of art charmed the internet, with thousands of retweets and likes on Twitter.

A World of Creativity

  • Click here for the NPR segment “Our Daily Breather”: a series where artists describe their methods of maintaining a sense of normalcy during quarantine. These short articles include recipes, ideas for creativity and inspiration, and descriptions of how to incorporate new forms of art into your routines.
  • Artist Bree Clarke experienced discrimination in the Dallas art scene, and as a result created an inclusive initiative called The Iman Project. Through her previous 85 workshops, Clarke has promoted inclusivity in the arts with classes including floral design, woodworking, and calligraphy. She uses these workshops as an opportunity to promote conversations between participants about topics like inclusion, and uses her social media platform to promote equity for Black artists. For more information about Clarke’s work and to find links for future virtual workshops, click here.

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